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  • dev

    Commission warrant

    Scraping the report and appoint a new commissioner. Re-issue the commission Which is better?

    Ganesan Thavasipaul

  • dev

    Property tax

    My premises 1725 sq ft Municipal -Mumbai Commercial Tenant were developed under section 33(7) and 33(10)- i was given my area in 2015 post OC and thereafter i made a loft with permissions,for which i had to take an NOC from Assessment- applying for NOC they find on records i am wrongly being missed out -hence they correct the same after a year, and then send me a demand notice to pay taxes of 18lacs from the year of possession till date. My question being 1- As i am a member of the society and paying all dues i am liable to pay- 2- if i am to pay shld i get the tax caluclated as per New property or shld i get a rebate- concession on some methods. Tubler Plummer sms.connect@outlook.com Request your guidance and assistance plz

    Tubler Plummer

  • dev

    Officer who has conducted preliminary inquiry can become investigation officer

    Officer who has conducted preliminary inquiry can become investigation officer?

    Manu Vardhan

  • dev

    Khula deed

    Some suggestions about this

    Merajuddin Sheikh

  • dev

    Date of birth

    Changeing during hr govt service

    Mohinder Singh

  • dev

    Section 24 of Hindi succession act

    A widow of predeceased son of deceased can inherit the property of deceased if on the date of succession open she had remarried?

    Kuldeep Singh

  • dev

    Cheque bounce case.

    If in cheque bounce case accused is not appearing before the court after having issuance of non bailable warrant then warrant of attachment has been issued, but complainant don't have any property of the accuesed now what next solution in that case. Can judge declare him P.O Or give me your suggestion that how we tighten the grip according to law on the accuesed person.

    Noel Lal