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  • dev


    Regarding regular bail. Plz give m judgment Fsl report not filed within challan More than 10 kg

    Mohan lal Phulia

  • dev

    Negotiable instruments act


    Sanjeev Gupta

  • dev

    How to monetise or make money out of Design Patents?

    Please give me suggestions as to different methods and procedures involved in monetizing Design Patents.

    Akash Suresh

  • dev

    The crime

    Y the crime is growing day by day what is happening in India no one has afear in India in future if anyone what to do crime they shud get fear !.....

    THK M

  • dev

    Conditional gift deed

    Please send formats


  • dev

    Probation act

    If the probation is received in section 420, will it affect its service career

    Mohan lal Phulia

  • dev

    Crpc, judgement required, when bail bond not cancelled by magistrate while cancelling bail neither copy of judgement supplied to convict


    Randeep Tanwar