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  • dev

    will and gift deed

    will and gift did not carry presumption in under section 90 in evidence act . please give full judgment or citation or case title?

    Mohan lal Phulia

  • dev

    Trade mark

    After refusal of Trade mark the course to appeal ingredients and requirement of documents to be filed and and authority name with address.Also time period prescribed to file the appeal.

    Kavi Raj Malik

  • dev

    Post mediation proceedings

    Effect on court proceedings after slight change in successful mediation.

    Gulshan Sharma

  • dev

    changes in road by builder

    is any builders can change roads's size and location, shown in brochure, at the time of sale of flats?

    Gaurav Gupta

  • dev

    money laundering

    proceeds of crime

    Anuradha Gupta

  • dev

    Early retirement

    To the,  CJI Supreme court of india Delhi Metar,  half life retirement jco/ors  rank army employees Nyaay mindir me prarthana patra Plz sir, nyaay karen Sir hm Zafar salam ne24 years sena me sava kiya hai.mere leta pita sri bhi 24 Years sena me seva de chuke hain. Aadarneey  CJI  MAHODAY A  Sir  half life retirements kab tak aur  kyun, jab ki navy, air force me 58 Years tak seva ka mauka hai. Javano ke liye To army ke javano ke sath anyaay kyun Ho raha hai. & agar army me 58 years tak sena seva government rools nahin hai to army officers kaise sarvice kar rahe hain. 58 years tak, indin army kisi ki niji professional job nahin hai ki government of india ke adeshon ka palan na kare, jab ki army me complete sarvice  javano ki 17,22,24,jcos rank 28,32 years sarvice hai, is karanrh se  3,60,00000 nos sainik &  sainik parivaaro ki life damage  hoi hai ab tak. Iska zimmedar kaun hai. Sena pramukh ya government of india. B   sir  half life retirement ke leye hm Ne, army me sainik sammelan me bhi sughav  diya tha, magar koi javab Nahin, ex hone ke bad bhi koshish Kiya.  Hmne in mahan hastiyon ko suchit kiya, president of india. Premi ministry, defense ministry. Up cm ,sahbano & Tino sena premukhon ko ek hi letar sab ko bheja. PM, & cm sahbano ka letar regtd ho gaya no bhi aya. Up cm 151881801606 dt 24/4/2018  & PMOPG/D/2018/0453497 dt14/12/2018 ,Aur kisi javab tak nahin aaya. C   sir Aaj ke time ke hisab se 15/20 Sal ki bachi hoi sarvice Ayu na karne se pratek sainik ko Rs one cr to two cr ka Aarthik nuksan hota hai. Kyun Kya desh seva ka yahi inam hai. Sainikon.ko Kya vajah hai. D  sir yah ek legal points hai is metar Ko nyaay madir me hi hal hona chahiye aur kisi ke bas me nahi hai. Jay hind     dhanyavaad Zafar salam ex naik A, no 13883703y Asc record mt Banglore

    Zafar Salam

  • dev

    Credit card dues

    Hi, I was using hdfc credit card but last year I failed in payment of Rs. 37,600/- due to jobless. Now I settled with bank to pay in emi so i paid all amount in 6 emi but last month I was late in pay ans i have paid in next month. And that time recovery exeutive said maam no issue please pay your last emi amount in march month I will issue no dues letter and I paid month he has not given me any no dues letter and now I received one main from advocate regarding cancwles settlement and they are asking for 53,000/- in 15 days otherwise bank will file civil and criminal case against me. I am not able to payment due to I have no job and already I paid. Please dugfwst.

    Divya Srivastava