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  • dev


    How to write PIL? Can use Marathi language for the pIL?

    Santosh Deshmukh

  • dev

    Transfer of property sct

    Bonafide purchaser purchased mortgage property without notice and subsequently the same was sold by auction under the provisions of state financial corporation act is valid or not

    Siva Surya

  • dev

    National consumer disputes redressel commission

    Supreme court judgemnt on 01/04/2019

    Jatinder Nath

  • dev

    ACB judments

    What are main points to aqqutal/set site & other importent + point to handle trap cases Judgments.

    Ajay Dattt

  • dev

    Change of policy by the govt..

    Can the policy adopted by one govt be changed by the next govt ? For example suppose the present govt gives free education, can the next govt stop it ?

    Rafi Islam

  • dev

    Judgment on 239 crpc

    Latest judgement releated to section 239 crpc


  • dev

    Can I file an application for maintenace u/s25 HMA in Divorce petition?

    I want file an application to seek maintenance from my wife u/s 25 of HMA act. Can I submit this application in divorce case or i need to go separately?

    jitender kumar