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  • dev

    Probation act

    If the probation is received in section 420, will it affect its service career

    Mohan lal Phulia

  • dev

    Crpc, judgement required, when bail bond not cancelled by magistrate while cancelling bail neither copy of judgement supplied to convict


    Randeep Tanwar

  • dev

    will and gift deed

    will and gift did not carry presumption in under section 90 in evidence act . please give full judgment or citation or case title?

    Mohan lal Phulia

  • dev

    Trade mark

    After refusal of Trade mark the course to appeal ingredients and requirement of documents to be filed and and authority name with address.Also time period prescribed to file the appeal.

    Kavi Raj Malik

  • dev

    Post mediation proceedings

    Effect on court proceedings after slight change in successful mediation.

    Gulshan Sharma

  • dev

    changes in road by builder

    is any builders can change roads's size and location, shown in brochure, at the time of sale of flats?

    Gaurav Gupta

  • dev

    money laundering

    proceeds of crime

    Anuradha Gupta