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  • dev

    Property dispute -Site in my Brother-in-law's name and house constructed by us and living there from past 20 years

    Property dispute -Site in my Brother-in-law's name and house constructed by us and living there from past 20 years and in such cases who will be the owner of the house.


  • dev

    commercial employment

    to practice law as advocate by self is commercial employment

    ramesh chand

  • dev

    can an undertaking be signed by a leaving employee?

    can i get an undertaking signed by an employee who is leaving the company so as to protect all the confidential information from being disseminated by such employee who is leaving the organisation or company?

    Kriti Sangar

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    Any latest Judment and conditions of service facing hostile conditions in government jobs


  • dev

    public Alley encroachment

    My Neighbor has encroached upon public alley. Local municipal body has given order to remove the encroached area to my neighbor. Now long time has passed municipality is not removing the encroached area forcefully making excuse that my neighbor has filed writ petition on the order issued by the municipality. But there is no stay order issued by high court against the order issued by municipality for removal of encroachment. Not public servant is not doing work, what can I do now. Please suggest

    Khwaja Hassan Jami

  • dev

    Right of regularization in autonomous body or in authority's

    I am working under government body (principle employer) since 2003,and then under changed contractor since September 2007.then contract expired in 2014 after that in extension of 6 months till April 2018.now statutory body instructed to contractor to demobilize except me from their work 17april2018 onwards.but after 17 april2018 till date I ha e nit been paid my salary.meanwhile they get approval for my appointment but prior to approval taken my consent in application for to work for them unconditional. My question is can I ask my regularization in the authority. As I have crossed period of 89 days and 340 days in same place .The nature of work is special and may be parennial or permanent. Please suggest how to approach the court so that my plight can be addressed

    Sujeet Soni

  • dev

    appeal under 372 in 138 acquittal

    is that maintainable

    Irfan ghayas