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  • dev

    138 ni act

    Husband is not a proprietor and the cheque was drawn by his wife but case filed against husband under influence that he is proprietor and can husband be discharged under 138 ni act nd summon is issued against him

    Himanshu Ahuja

  • dev

    recording of dying declaration without taking fitness certificate

    Please let us know the validity of dying declaration with obtaining fitness certificate

    Nasib Bhat

  • dev

    repayment of loan amount

    home buyer is not liable to repay till offer of possession of flat

    M L Sharma

  • dev

    consequense to the complainant (victim).

    if FIR was lodged under section 354 B INDIAN PENAL CODE,1860 but victim's statement is not recorded by the police under section 161 or 164 crpc. what is the remedy available in the favour of victim.

    bharat tokas

  • dev


    If a person who have management rights while drawing a cheque but when cheque is presented in bank he is no longer in the management of the compant is section 138 of NI act applicable to that person ?

    Sagar Juneja

  • dev



    Mohar Singh

  • dev

    125 CRPC

    Any judgment of favorable orders of alimony granted to wife who is working as well.

    Devender Rana